Wasted Nights

I have no more words to write about you.
All I want you to know, I can't tell.
My lips are sealed, no word comes.
So this pages become my diary.

My eyes revealed all the things.
But you never look me in the eyes.
Something sparkle when you're around.
It's the love you left inside me.

Your light touch on my shoulder.
I feel your warm skin.
Then I smell your wonderful scent.
How much I fantasized to kiss you.

The freeze air in the night.
I stared at the moon.
I walked slowly beside you.
How much I fantasized holding your hand.

Your little gaze when I laughed at you.
Your lips turn crimson as you lick them.
You got me lost my mind.
Just let me do it for you.

I'm sorry for this feeling.
It doesn't matter if you don't need it.
I should've thrown it away.
But it just stayed right where it came.

Though I'm out of words, I'd still love to write you.

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