She Is Insecure

she wears hoodie on summer.
she only got one jacket for winter.
no much money in her pocket,
to effort another pair of jacket.

she hides her face in the book.
no one has an eye to her look.
sometimes she stares at the ground,
to avoid glancing to surround.

her cheeks full of pimples.
those covered her beautiful dimples.
her skin feels rough and dry.
sometimes her eyes are swollen too from cry.

boys come to her for a certain thing.
boys talk to her when they needed something.
they're gone when they're done.
then leave her alone.

boys don't come for her look.
boys never come to her for hook.
she really wants to kick them to a ditch.
for being only nice to the pretty bitch.

she feels herself is ugly.
the body she has is so pudgy.
she lack of confidence.
she wonders if there's a man asking her for a dance.

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