Only Yesterday

Only yesterday we laughed.
You were sitting next to me.
I didn’t say much.
Cause I can read you like pages.

Only yesterday you promised.
You said, ‘I’ll be coming over’.
I didn’t say much.
It will be just broken promises.

Only yesterday we're on the phone.
Talking about nothing.
Just to hear each other's voices.
I can’t say what I feel.

Only yesterday you were so close.
Now you turn your head.
I never feel disappointed.
I never put any feelings in you.

Only yesterday I was flattered.
Now I'm feeling plain.
Temporary comfortable.
I’m getting used to.

Only Yesterday you had me convinced.
But now, I misinterpreted you.
I thought I'm special. I was wrong.
I'm too easy to get carried away.

Only yesterday I stared into your eyes.
I found no light, no flame.
I Already figured it out.
You never feel anyting about me. 

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