My Belle

compliment isn't something she always gets.
she's plain and boring, she thought.
no charming, and no endearing.
she doesn't want to give a damn.

compliment isn't her thing.
nice words don't sink in into her.
anyone never called her pretty.
and she never gives a damn.

one day a boy called her pretty.
he was the first person complimented her.
one day that boy called her 'his disney princess'
she didn't want to let it sink in, but she can't.

one word 'pretty'
two words 'my belle'
the words she's dying of waiting.
successfully sinked in into her soul.

when she thought nobody would said that,
he came and turned the table.
she thanked him in a quiet voice.
he just didn't notice.

she will remember it forever,
if those are just empty words.
she fell in love with him.
he just didn't know.

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