It's The 3 Letters

It's always something distracting.
It's always something fascinating.
It's always something I'm longing.
It's you.

It's something I can't have.
It's something I can't feel.
It's something I can't kiss.
It's you. 

I can't think straight.
I get lost in the depth of a sight.
I get so distracted over a smile.
Because of you.

There's something fascinating.
There's butterfly feeling inside my chest.
There's something that had my heart clenched.
You caused it.

Even something I can't miss.
Even this little laugh over silly jokes.
Even the crimson lips that had me dazzled.
It's always you.

Those nights we spent.
Those foods we shared.
Those conversations we talked.
Always you.

Something had me laughed.
Something had me feel alive.
Something had me hurt.
You caused it.

It's you.

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