It Could Be Nice

it could be nice to have someone that hold your hand
it could be nice to feel loved by someone
it would be nice, yeah
because you don’t know how it feels like

talking about the feeling, your deepest love
you turned your head away
you’ve been sick and tired
because you don’t know what it feels like

at one time you’re heartless
then you’re hungry for affection
you don’t believe in love
because you don’t know what it is

something is wrong and you know it too
feeling like you’re never be good enough
that’s the main mistake
wish you know how to make it right

expectation is something you are avoiding
expectation will become ambition
that you’ll be broken when you failed
love is an expectation

how can you expecting love
when you don’t know what it is
do we deserve to be loved?
When we’re afraid of falling and failing

you build a wall to keep yourself from hurting
but you know that just hurts you more
please be the one who’ll break this wall
and we won’t be on our own

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