Dark As Feathers Of Crow

Sensitive heart, takes everything seriously.
One little thorn does hurting badly.
One easy thing does make you down so low.
Sensitive heart, beating slow.

Sensitive hearts, shouldn’t see anything sad.
Cause they’ll fall deep into it.
They’ll become tired of it.
Sensitive hearts, cry more than they should.

Sensitive hearts, shouldn’t be surrounded by sorrow.
It’ll just make them hollow.
Set theirself crying in the back row.
Sensitive hearts, dark as feathers of crow.

Sensitive hearts, cry in silence.
Smiling when they died inside thousand times.
Invisible tears, never leave a stain.
Sensitive heart, wrecked and abandoned.

Sensitive heart, wants nothing but being tough.
To be able trough the days that rough.
Be patience of the things that went wrong.
Sensitive heart, be strong.

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