Dagger Rose

Pretty. Tempting to be touched.
Pain. It's sting and I flinched.
Pain. Thorns scratch the skin.
Pretty. Red as my blood alloy with petals.

Silver shines beautifully.
It's small and deceiving.
Sharp, dangerous, move quickly.
One wrong move, then dying.

Rose is in my right hand.

I kneeled and looked up at her.
I gave her my rose,
And said 'I love you'.

She's off guard as I stood up.

I hugged her tight then inhale her scent.
Dagger's is in my left hand.
No hesitant, I stabed her across.

Beautifully in pain.

I felt her grip in my arm.
No words spoken as she choked.
Till her breath's dying.

Her body fell on me.

I catched her with my open arms.
I said 'I love you' again.
But she just kept silent.

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