Linger Perfume

Then butterfly in my stomach is flying around LINGER PERFUME

I like it when you touch me.
My heart starts beat faster.
Then butterfly in my stomach is flying around.
It feels warm against my clothed skin.

I craved for your touch.
How your touch tell me that I’m loved.
How you remain relax while I’m a bit tensed.
I don’t want to let this moment to end.

Your perfume got lingered in the air.
I silently sniff and went weak.
So good that I'd love to have you here.
Or even got me in your arms.

I’m not sure about this feeliing.
It isn’t love, but I keep thinking of you.
Just stupid crush you don’t find important.
But I love how you touched me first.

How sad I am just thinking about a farewell.
I’m counting of the days till we meet.
Hope you don’t run from me.
I’ll frame your smile in my head.

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