Pain all over body.
Faking a smile to hide it.
So sting I hardly get up.
Hard grip on knees to help me up.

Limp walking like zombies.
Try to hold back the pain.
Dot sweats covered the temple.
Feet are rigid, flinched at every step.

He asked me "you're okay?"
I waved him off, keep walking.
Feels like bones are clacking.
Laying down is all I wanted.

I arched my back.
Pain strives down my spine.
Groans keep coming from my mouth.
Where's my medicine?

I'm on my hands and knees.
Struggling to stand up.
Legs are shaking, hands are trembling.
Do I even have medicine?

I fall back laying flat.
Adjusting my spine.
I feel so heavy.
He asked me again "you're okay?"

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