I Was The Icarus Itself

That one morning.
The world seemed to slow down.
The piano tune was suddenly played in my head.
I was like Jack Dawson who first saw Rose Dewitt Bukater on Titanic Ship.

I looked up to see the beauty.
I shut my eyes hearing his talking.
Was he even a siren singing?
Beautiful voice to lure the sailors before wrecking their ships.  

He was standing beautifully in white.
Smile sheepishly in front of the mortals.
Giggling adorably over something. 
I froze in my place forget how to breathe.

Who was this man graciously walking? 
Those piercing eyes got me hypnotised.
His smile as bright as morning light. 
I believed the earth has two suns. 

The greek myth once has its story.
Icarus fell because he was too close to the sun.
He was the sun.
I was the Icarus itself.

I was being pulled down by his beauty.

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