Welcome to Foreign language Corner

November 30 , 2010


The English Corner of TICG was founded in November,2006. It is an organization that belongs to college. Now, English Corner changes its name to Foreign Language Corner.

   The foundation of Foreign Language Corner brings many advantages. First, students who join the activity can make friends and learn new knowledge. Second,students can practice foreign language, so they can improve their communicating ability, they will not just command but a fluent spoken English. Third, it can make our college life more colourful and meaningful.
   Foreign Language Corner is held from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. every Thursday. The holding place is usually on the playground. During the activity, not only will the students come but also foreign teachers will join it. In this Foreign Language world, we talk in English most of the time. We combine study with pleasure, you can sing English song, learn some western culture, play games with us and so on.

   There were several important activities which held by Foreign Language Corner. In order to make our cadres get to know each other more, the members of this organization, including two Foreign teachers, went to Mingde mountain village to have a barbecue. In the New Year's Party of 2008,the members of Foreign language Corner performed a play which called "Lubu and Diaochan". The play is so interesting and impressing that it made the audience laugh again and again. In April 2008,Foreign Language Corner held a party to welcome four students who come from Canada. There were many students took part in it. They communicated with the Canadian students, played games with them and took pictures with them. They all enjoyde themselves that night.
   We have joy, we have fun, we have new feeling in the foreign language space. Welcome to Foreign Language Corner, we are waiting for you!