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Talent International College focuses on reform
Teachers and Staff meeting
Posted by:Administration :Date 2011-6-9

June 7, 2011 in the general hall all teaching and administrative staff held a general assembly. Attending the meeting were college President Hou ZhenMei, and party secretary Long Chi, with vice President ZhangKaiBin leadership and staff. They all assembled together to seek a common college development plan. Secretary of the party committee LongChi detailed "key issues", for deepening reform and development of the attitude to working for the college.


The secretary put forward the proposal for the next phase of the college development.  He remarked that the college was a relatively new institute, but had the unique advantage of good development. The key to college development was to seize on the opportunities available and speed up good career development. He said that in the past five years, the staff were at the successful stage of completion of work tasks for laying a solid foundation.


The next stage of the key work was around "nine years three steps" the development ideas, and put emphasis on the following evaluation, recruit students, teaching, safety. Second, to continue deepen the reform of the personnel system, perfect and allocate incentive and  an examination mechanism, strengthen the consciousness, and create jobs for talents students. Maximum staff creativity was needed to stimulate and promote the new round development of the college. Three, deepening teaching reform, strengthen the teaching management work, improve the system, the innovation of the management system mechanism, effectively promote the improvement of the quality of education. Four, and focus on strengthening the construction of the talents ranks, 


College secretary of the party committee LongChi to speak at the meeting LongChi points out, the college has now come to a rapid development and connotation of the construction of the key period, employee of all teachers and students to come together and work together, cheer up, develop love their work, practical, innovative spirit, write a ying hua college development history and a page of the new chapter.


The meeting, HouZhenMei the chairman delivered an important speech, she and staff shared five years running the achievements. She said, five years, institute of higher education tightly to speed up the development of historic opportunity, with staff and students of hard struggle, business, further enhance strength running; In personnel training, infrastructure, teachers team, professional construction, connotation construction has achieved great success. Ying hua college is the constant development and expansion, it is the Chinese unremitting pursuit and efforts of the results. Result belongs to the past, looking to the future, and put forward the construction of first-class professional the university's long-term goal, and that is to 2020 the acs, build a distinct characteristics, the domestic first-class, the international famous universities. Hope the faculty members adhering to the college of fine tradition, bear in mind that the mission, continue to forge ahead, casting acs new success.

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