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Establishment of school enterprise cooperation with Central Asia Petrochemical Technology Co.



The afternoon of April 10th, vice president of TRW chemical group, Central Asia science & Technology Co Ltd and president of CPAFFC director Yang Kai came to our college to  negotiate recruitment matters. The college chairman Hou Zhenmei gave a warm reception to Yang and his party.
Central Asia science & Technology Co Ltd is located in Guangxi city of Qinzhou Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park.

Its strength lies in the capital, which covers an area of about 1000 acres, and is the main oil provider to a network of suppliers and partners. Products include lubricating oil, compound agents, rubber filling oils, fuel oil, fabric finishing agents, and ashless dispersants. It has invested around 3 billion yuan in development of production and warehousing related to the industry. After the completion of the current project the operation annual output value will be in excess of  $16 billion.

The recruitment of college students is needed to fill the main positions of construction engineering, administrative management, such as civil engineering managers, logistics managers, accounting, secretarial and other positions.
In addition to the recruitment work, the main purpose of Yang Zongben trip is to cooperate with our college President Hou to negotiate matters. After visiting the campus, fieldwork teaching facilities and equipment and professional training room, Yang and his party under the leadership of the Hou Dong administration to the five floor conference room on the cooperation talks.

President Hou introduced the educational basics of the college. Yang also briefly spoke about the company's overall situation. Both sides hope to carry out an all-round cooperation, and give full play to the advantages of each other seeking common development. They finally reached a consensus on the establishment of school enterprise cooperation relationship. At present, Central Asia science & Technology Co Ltd has been cooperating with Guangxi University, Guangxi University For Nationalities, Guilin University of Technology and other colleges and universities to establish relationships.

The plan and the establishment of a school enterprise cooperation with Talent International College hiring students with basic professional skills would be highly desired by the community and the employer.




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