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 Yinghau college and Guangxi Sanjiang Lian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement.



President Lu Yaoxin first extended a warm welcome to the guests of Guangxi Sanjiang Lian Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and Lu Yuanzhang briefed Yang on his thoughts on the development of the school and expressed his good hope for cooperation. Lu Changchang hoped that the two sides could  be responsible for personnel training, curriculum reform, and other aspects of in-depth cooperation to further explore a long-term partnership.

College Dean Lu Yaoxin introduces the situation at the college

Through a cooperation conducive to development of business growth and student achievement. Yang Junjie manager introduced the basics of the company and the main area of business. The school personnel training and enterprise talent needs to achieve an effective link between the way to express their views, hoped that through the joint efforts of both sides so that college-enterprise cooperation can achieve the best results.

Sanjiang Union Automobile Group Manager Yang Junjie introducing the company profile

Subsequently, the participants witnessed the joint, Tao Risheng Assistant and Yang Junjie manager on behalf of the College and Guangxi Sanjiang Lian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. jointly signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement.

Tao Risheng Assistant, and Yang Junjie manager signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement


Group photo

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