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Graduation Ceremony - 2011

On the afternoon of June 28, 2011 , Talent International College Guangxi held the graduation ceremony for the college graduate classes of 2011  in the city art center auditorium. College President HouZhenMei, and party secretary LongChi, were in attendance along with vice President of the college ZhangKaiBin, all the middle-level managers, and teachers, in total over 1000 people attended the graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by vice President ZhangKaiBin. Later in the occasion college President HouZhenMei, represented the academy by expressing how the new graduates would be on a new life journey and expressed her warm congratulations and good wishes to the students and to the big contribution and hard effort from the teachers. She reflected on the progress made by the institution over the last five years, and outlined the wonderful blueprint for the future of the college.

Graduate HuangShuTing was the representative for all the 2011 graduates and said she would not forget experience studying at the college and the teachers who taught her about trust and moving forward to the beginning of a new life. Teachers' representative YangXiFeng represented all the teachers of the college and  gave his praise to the wonderful input from all the teachers and staff who had helped the students fulfill the requirements for graduation. Later on in the ceremony, deputy director of the Student affairs department read out the scholarship list for the outstanding graduates.


It turned out to be a time to remember as the whole assembly reveled in the occasion with the graduates being given flowers, praise and thanks for their studious efforts. The ceremony ended with a departing song, then hugs from students and teachers alike amid tears of happiness for a memorable occasion.


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