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Graduation Ceremony - 2010

The eagerly awaited 2010 Graduation ceremony finally took place on a pleasant sunny day at the Talent International campus in June. This was the second graduation ceremony to take place at the college and was arranged for almost 2500 new graduates.

A passionate opening speech was given by the Chaiman Zhen meihou to all students, touching on expectations of the new graduates to keep pace with the times integrate into the society and become responsible citizens. This was followed by a speech read out by Deputy in Chief Duan Limin where he presented a names list of students who had the honor to receive the Guangxi autonomous region's outstanding graduate title. The list included Wang Lili, Xie Xueping and 19 other graduates.

The Graduation ceremony of 2010 was yet another success story of Talent International College Guangxi, and we are looking forward to seeing the 2011 graduate students receive their diplomas next summer. The future really is looking bright for students who study at Talent International College.

Graduate representative to the leaders offered up flowers, gratitude, thanks to Alma mater teacher. With the departure of song and graduation ceremony utterance. Students and teachers of happiness hug, Congo, don't wipe away tears, will be happy time condense in this moment.

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