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Graduation Ceremony - 2009

The long awaited Graduation ceremony finally arrived with a rapturous welcome to all students, teachers and staff. The event began with an opening speech from the Chairman who gave her heartfelt praises to the graduates and wish them every success in the future.  

This was then followed by another speech from Cai Zhou Le The official spokesman for the third year graduates. Cai told the audience just how satisfied and thankful he had felt during his time studying at the college. He went on to say that he believed Talent International College Guangxi would become a first rate institution and one the graduates could feel proud of.

This was an emotional time for the graduates and the sheer delight of receiving their awards was shown by just how they celebrated the occasion. Towards the end of the ceremony Students, teachers and staff sang the graduation song with feelings of happiness, and later went on to take photos of their classmates and teachers together.

Graduate representative to the leaders offered up flowers, gratitude, thanks to Alma mater teacher. With the departure of song and graduation ceremony utterance. Students and teachers of happiness hug, Congo, don't wipe away tears, will be happy time condense in this moment.

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