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Cooperation with Qinzhou Daily Newspaper

On the morning of July 9 2009, a ceremony was held in the headquarters of the Qinzhou Daily Newspaper to celebrate the launch of the TICG/Qinzhou Daily training base. The ceremony was attended by college chairman Ms. Hou Zhenmei, and the College leadership together with editor-in-chief of the Qinzhou Daily Newspaper, President Chen plus the various other leaders from his departments. President Chen Chuntang, said that the establishment of a training base between the two companies was not only to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in sharing resources, common progress and common development, but to train more practical talents for promoting the development of education in the region. The establishment of ths training base is not only for training students to provide more practice opportunities, but also to open a gateway to the channels of employment and the same time, further strengthen the college in cooperation with the Qinzhou Daily toward a more substantive stage.

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