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Top Graduate Students 2009 

Meng Xiong Qing
National College Diploma in Applied English with Business, Marketing and Translation  

This English major was determined to prove to herself and others just how much she could master the English language in all four skill areas. This was recognized when she grabbed top marks in the CET-4 and CET-6 College English Test. In reward for her great efforts she was given a governmental scholarship and a top encouragement award from the Guangxi Education Bureau. Since graduation Meng has gone on to employment within Domestic and foreign trade sector, where she is currently using her English Language and Business skills to deal with a variety of customers and clients and is going from strength to strength in her work experience. We congratulate Meng Xiong Qing for the excellent devotion to her studies at Talent International College and wish her every success in the future.

Wang Ju
National College Diploma in Applied English with Business, Marketing and Negotiation  

Wang Ju was one of the most active and innovative students in the English Major Department as Wang took a leading role as Supervisor of the English Corners and other English Language promotional activities. Wang Ju also had great success in English Language competitions by entering the Guangxi finals of the "CCTV Cup 2007" in Liuzhou, where she gave a tremendous performance and finished in the top ranks. Wang Ju has been consistent in her English studies and has scored highest marks in the department on no less than three occasions.She has now decided to further her education by taking a Bachelor degree at Yulin Normal University in Guangxi. We wish the bright and clever student every success in the future


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"Congratulations to all students and we wish them a successful future"


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