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Top Graduate Students 2009 

Wan Li Lan
National College Diploma in Applied English with Business

Wan Li proved to be an outstanding student on the Applied English National Diploma course. She demonstrated a sound knowledge of English in all four skill areas and has a very likeable personality. She achieved outstanding results gaining three Guangxi regional awards and achieved top student marks on no less than two occasions.  Wan Li Lan has now moved on to take a Bachelor Degree in Applied English at Yulin University in Guangxi. We wish her every success in her future career.

Cai Zhou Le

National College Diploma in Logistics with Business

Cai otherwise know as "Happy" has been heavily involved in student affairs and college issues. He was nominated as Student Union leader in 2006 and remained in the chair until 2009. He was awarded the top governmental award of "Most outstanding student" for the Guangxi region and has continued to set an example to other students with his dedication to study. His confident and social ability around others combined with his remarkable oral English ability sets him apart from the rest. Cai has proven his worth since his time at the college and we are certain he will be a worthy asset to any company who are fortunate enough to have him on their books.

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"Congratulations to all students and we wish them a successful future"


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