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Compassionate visit to Bama Yao Autonomous county Phoenix county Primary School


On April 18th, early in the morning, chairman Hou Zhenmei along with 8 other colleagues travelled more than 400 kilometers by road, with spring like love in their hearts, to Bama Yao Autonomous County Phoenix Township Primary School. Three primary schools are located in Parma Phoenix Township, and the big North King Township junction, which has mountains of unequal heights. The car needed to tackle up to eighteen bends in the rugged terrain before arrival there. Phoenix Townships, natural conditions are abominable, perennial water, rice can not grow well and some corn can only grow in the cracks in the stone. The school built on a mountain road, behind the school is rolling hills. The school has more than 150 students, over 80% live in the surrounding schools scattered in the mountains.

Because of the lack of access, the children can only rely on the daily double feat of walking a few hours to come to school. In 2011, Bama Yao Autonomous County Phoenix Township, No.3 primary school 21 students who were on the way home from school were attacked by hornets, resulting in one death and twenty injuries. The wasps continued to sting people after the incident causing delay in rescuing the children. The children's ordeal has had an effect my students heart.

Phoenix ' primary school has more than 150 students, but the school has only four teachers. Because of the limited recourses, the school only operates four classes, the four teachers teach only one class, as a result the children learn language and mathematics courses only. Informed of this situation, my college humanities and foreign languages college students ' acted as voluntary school teachers Pan Guanxin came to the village to participate in the teaching.

After crossing over the mountains for more than 6 hours of bumps, we finally reached our destination -- No.3 primary schools. The children were early in the playground eagerly awaiting our arrival, watching the children look forward to us arriving, we couldn't hold back our emotions. The quiet campus suddenly was home to some strangers, the children were not timid and gathered around us and we said hello, as the car stopped, we immediately unloaded goods from the trucks,155 bags,150pairs of shoes, and stationery, books, sporting goods, tape recorders, and candy, that the kids love but seldom eat.

It was time to go to school, and the children were showing their excitement, and returned to the classroom. In the afternoon of the moral and the music lessons, the children focused well on more attentively, that deeply infected us, previously it had only been Chinese and maths lessons. This all came about after Pan Guanxin's students came here to take the initiative and to undertake the ideological and moral education with music teaching.

After school, the principals and teachers took the children to take part in a brief ceremony. After the ceremony ended, everybody helped the children to try on shoes and find the shoe sizes from small to large.

Although we were soon entering summer the weather was cold and the children wore mostly wearing tattered sandals. Due to family difficulties in life, most of them suffer from malnutrition, a six or seven year-old child looks like one aged of four or five. Wearing new shoes and socks, brought a smile on the children's that they couldn't hide. Looking at these cute kids with difficulties, left us feeling very distressed.

In the mountains, most children's family conditions are not very good. Clothes, shoes are often just big sized baby wear or handed down children wear. They seldom get the chance to wear new clothes or shoes. The children have no decent schoolbag, just old woven cloth made into bags. To see the children wearing new shoes, carrying a schoolbag, the teacher's smiled the villagers laughed and we laughed too, we knew this work we had done was very worthwhile.

Happy times are always so short, and as we prepared to leave the school, the children's eyes were full of sadness and nostalgia, they sang to us with pure simple emotions, they joined hands around the school gate, staying for a long time, they repeatedly said " uncle, aunt, when can you come back!"

Yes, looking forward to helping the children is the greatest driving force of our work, they are our greatest concern. The love tour was over, but our love to them has been a continuation of our love, over the mountains, is a mountain that brings hope.



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