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Our representatives participate in the Guangxi College Student Association Development Forum


In April 20th, the fifth Guangxi College Student Association Development Forum was held in Guangxi's capital, Nanning. This forum was run by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region University Committee, Department of education, the Communist Youth League and the Guangxi District, municipality IUS. It is is co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League in Colleges and universities of Guangxi.The forum was attended by the vice director of the Department of politics of College League Committee Secretary Tang Chunyan, the Communist Youth League Guangxi district schools minister, Secretary Zhou Jianhong and other leaders.The forum was attended by a total of 65 universities, 200/ cadres involved from the community to express their views.

Our college youth teacher Lin Xiaopei led two students to take part in the activity.College Youth League Committee Secretary Tang Chunyan, Guangxi Medical University green salon tutor Wei Xiaoyan  came to different points of view respectively about the development of the community from the function, status, role, and management service of student societies. Our college youth teacher Lin with her rich experience of management and organization led the student association cadre team for vocational colleges management and focused on  student problems and how to apply theories to the management team, winning a lot of applause.This forum is held, for the majority of colleges and universities to provide a platform for the exchanging and promoting college cultural construction and development.



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