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The Humanities and the Institute of foreign languages start English corner activities


In the evening of April 20th, the humanities and the Institute of foreign languages department held a new round of English corner activities in the L1 building classrooms, which were kicked off in ceremonious style.

The guests who attended the opening were from the humanities and Institute of foreign languages, namely  Tang Guoqing, India native James and Thailand native Lin Meiyi. There were also a group of teachers from the humanities and Institute of foreign languages present.

Humanities and foreign languages college president Tang Guoqing delivered the opening remarks. He pointed out how the new English corner activities from form to content, from site to equipment have been improved and enhanced, the purpose being to strengthen American cultural learning, updating the learning concepts and improve the learning enthusiasm of the college.

The opening activity attracted the humanities and foreign languages students. They participated in Word Guessing, spelling Bees, Reader's Theatre and Shorthand, all performed very eagerly, under fancy stage lighting with the students showing off their English level.

India native James performed on stage to many of the activities by singing English songs. Thailand native Lin Meiyi also took part in the English word guessing activity, she and some Thailand students sang the songs of Thailand, winning much applause

In order to enrich campus life and improve the students' interest in learning English, the new term English corner activities also have involved innovation.

Late Monday for self-study, locations in the fifth language lab, offers various types listening skills using English songs and various other extracurricular listening materials;

Tuesday night for the English salon, located in the L1 laboratory building classroom 402 hosted by foreign teachers and Chinese teachers, participants use English to chat, discus different themes and hold debates;

Thursday night is for film lovers, located in the fifth speech room, showing the wonderful original foreign-language films.



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