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Director Li Dezheng Awarded Third Prize in National Essay Competition


Just recently, the "State Bureau of foreign experts" along with the "Centre for Information & Research" issued the "National Essay Contest awards notification" for the essays covering the theme "My Foreign Teacher And I" 

International exchange and internship employment director Li Dezheng submitted an essay entitled "Jagged foreign teacher Jason.T.D.Mackie" The entry was able to win a third prize in the competition .



The "My Foreign Teacher And I" essay contest was run and sponsored by the State Bureau of foreign experts and the foreign talent information research centre. Since its launch in November last year the competition has received a total number of entries from 3658 schools, educational institutions and individual contributors.


The breakdown for the number of awards given out was 11 in total, comprising of 1 special award, 4 first prizes, 20 Second prizes, 40 third prizes, and 100 excellent organizational institutions.



Guangxi district won 3 awards in total, one third prize and three outstanding prizes. The college International Exchange and Internship Employment director Li DeZheng was the Guangxi districts' highest award winner





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