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·Visit by British Consul-General of Guangzhouxi industry. 2012-7-05
College President Hou Zhenmei awarded " Guangxi Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur" by Guangxi industry. 2012-7-05
·Our college students and teachers gain success in National College English Contest. 2012-6-29
·Guangxi regional Committee, WRSA and Chinese American International Education visit the college.  2012-6-06
·"The connection" self-study exam success from Financial & Economic Dept. students. 2012-5-14
·President and Students hold a symposium improving friendship and humane care 2012-5-09
·Communist Youth League Honorary "Red flag" title 2012-5-08
·Celebrating the "Five-four movement spirit 2012-5-08
·Director Li Dezheng Awarded Third Prize in National Essay Competition  2012-4-26
·English corner activities start 2012-4-25
·Guangxi College Student Development Forum 2012-4-25
·Visit to Bama Yao county Phoenix Primary 2012-4-20
·Garden Party activities held at the college 2012-4-17
·Visit by Guangxi Polytechnic of Vocational & Technical Agriculture 2012-4-17
·Qinzhou Youth Forum discuss "Ideological ideas and innovation for Qinzhou city" 2012-4-17
·Thai Songkran festival celebrated at the college 2012-4-12
·Seminar on safety and legal consciousness 2012-4-01
·Teachers and students add to green campus together 2012-3-30
·"Passion Square Gardens" concert in Qinzhou 2012-3-26
·Harvard professor Dr. Zhang Yanming give lecture to students about ideals, determination and talent 2012-3-18
·Talent college awarded third prize in "Qinzhou city women's cup for etiquette" 2012-3-18
·Students inspired by Lei Feng care for the local environment 2012-3-07
·Building campus safety awareness to create a harmonious learning environment 2012-2-22
·Talent International College awarded third prize for "2011 Construction of campus culture in Guangxi" 2012-2-19
·Our college passes the vocational training governmental inspection and assessment. 2012-2-17
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