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·"Be prosperous together" free writing couplets Spring Festival activity held at the college for new year 2012-1-10
·Intercollegiate debate tournament win for Talent International college students 2011-12-31
·Evaluation of Talent International College by Guangxi Higher vocational evaluation group of experts 2011-12-28
·Annular square fountain added to the campus scenery 2011-12-26
·First prizes in the Guangxi zone "Dragon Cup" translation championship contest 2011-12-23
·Department of Art and Engineering holds graduation design exhibition  2011-12-23
·Our College invites experts for guidance on coming work assessment inspection 2011-12-21
·The fifth "Ying Cup" Debate Competition finals completed 2011-12-14
·A "World AIDS Day" AIDS prevention knowledge contest held at the college 2011-12-02
·Assessment seminar on student training by expert committee chairman Professor Zuo Changhong 2011-11-28
·Winter 2011 Campus Job recruitment fair 2011-11-19
·Our college wins 2011 Academy of Guangxi student's social practice award of excellence 2011-12-16
·College holds end of academic year of 2010 - 2011 faculty conference 2011-11-12
·"CCTV Cup" 2011 English language competition preliminaries held at the college 2011-11-11
·Canteen standardization assessment from Guangxi health & safety team visits the campus 2011-11-10
·Success in the sixth national Education Project of information technology tournament. 2011-11-08
·Agreement signed for work-study base between China Telecom's human resources and our college  2011-9-22
·Government plans educational reforms to upgrade colleges and universities in Qinzhou 2011-10-08
·Our college holds fire safety training session given by the "Nanning Fire Safety Advisory Centre" 2011-9-27
·Ballroom Dancing Association Gala Party held at the college 2011-9-26
·Agreement signed for work-study base between China Telecom's human resources and our college 2011-9-22
·The philosophy of Talent International College gains international recognition from experts 2011-9-19
·Students hold party at Talent International college to celebrates Mid-Autumn  festival 2011-09-13
·City leaders arrive at our college to salute teachers' Day 2011-9-09
·Three of our College staff members awarded "Excellent Teacher and outstanding educator" honorary titles 2011-9-09
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Intercollegiate debate win

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