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College President and Students hold a symposium on improving friendship and humane care


The afternoon of May 8th, chairman Hou Zhenmei of the Humanities and foreign languages institute and 10 of the College held a symposium in the classroom of T1-103.

In the conversation, the chairman not only elaborated about the current ideas and training objectives of the discussion, but also gave a detailed analysis of the college student's advantages of running and relying on international resources in education, internationalization of educational philosophy, flexible school systems and the prospect of development was at the forefront. The Chairman gave a genuine and sincere expression that spoke volumes to the students setting clear  academic targets, and strengthened the sense of belonging and sense of purpose.

The President went on to mention also that college is not only to impart knowledge to students, but also to learn through personal experience and to understand the truth in life, and not only just receiving knowledge from teachers and books but also through, campus activities, social practice, volunteer service and other aspects to improve the comprehensive quality of students training students to become caring and responsible, having proficiency in a particular field, and learning a foreign language.

In the interactive session, the chairman sincere and patiently answered all questions, solved the students learning and living problems they encountered. She mentioned that students with learning difficulties in life can directly communicate with her, or give opinions in the form of letters  conveyed to her. "I hope the students speak their minds freely", she proposed in answer to the suggestion, of better promoting the college's work ethics." She asked the students to cherish the time of their study, recognize the situation, and make clear their own responsibility to establish their own learning goals, develop good study habits, form a good brother/sister relationship, do a good job", to create a good learning atmosphere. 


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News input: NYK editor: MJB

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