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"Passion Square Gardens" concert in Qinzhou

On the afternoon of March 25th the Central Information Department of Qinzhou city government led the people to undertake in the CCTV "passion square patriotic songs" to mark the Qingming festival, in Qinzhou City Garden square. My college organized 300 students who participated in the show.

The theme song by young pioneers described a martyr who helped save a drowning boy. The martyr Tan Nian laid down his life for the boy and rescued him. This led to further songs carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng, enhancing patriotic feelings.

More patriotic songs were sung by, Ceng Xiaoyan, Wan Shanhong and other famous singers of the" Jiefang District"  The loud and clear voices echoed in the square around, from various of actors singing in the beautiful Qinzhou gardens.

Our college students serve as mass matrix of standard-bearers in an eye-catching position, with the program flag.

Other student volunteers were leading the order and maintenance, of the the venue and preparing to deal with any emergencies. All the college all student volunteers were good mannered and gave good service and fully demonstrated  college students' spirit.

The " Passionate square" concert in Qinzhou, filled tens of thousands of Qinzhou people with a sense of pride.

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