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Regional Party Committee, Guangxi WRSA and Chinese American International Education Institute visit the college.



On June 22nd, the Autonomous Region Party Committee United Front ministry undersecretary Li Dongxing, and the Guangxi WRSA Student Association vice president Yang Huixing, along with Chinese American International Education League president Mason conducted education exchanges at the college.

College president Hou Zhenmei, vice president Zhang Kaibin accompanied the guests to visit the campus and later went to the fifth floor conference room to discuss matters. Hou Zhenmei chairman of the board introduced the guests to the running of Talent International College. Next the Chinese American International Education League president Ma Cheng introduced the American International Education study abroad programs, and left relevant information in the hope that Talent International could cooperate together with their institute.

In the photo are College president Hou Zhenmei (third from right) and autonomous region Party Committee United Front Department Vice Minister Li Dongxing (third from left), director of the Municipal Education Bureau Chen Jinshan (Second from right), Chinese American International Education League president Ma Cheng (in Guangxi), Europe and the United States students association vice-chairman Yang Huixing (right).

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