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Talent International College President Hou Zhenmei awarded the title "Guangxi's most Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur".



Recently, the Communist Youth League of Guangxi District along with the Guangxi Federation of industry and commerce jointly issued the prestigious award of "Guangxi outstanding youth entrepreneur" to President of Talent International college Hou Zhenmei for her contribution to the region.

Hou Zhenmei has been a member of a number of organizations and committees for many years including the CPPCC Qinzhou Municipal Committee, Qinzhou city women's Federation of commercial, Guangxi Youth Federation Committee and the Chinese private educators association.

In 1999 she founded the Talent International Education Group, and in association with Queen Margaret of Edinburgh college established an international foundation program.

Founded in 2006 in Qinzhou Guangxi international College Guangxi came under her leadership. The pro-active introduction of advanced foreign school management mechanism she introduced was pioneering and innovative and created rapid development of the college.

In just 5 years, the institution had won an array of titles, namely the "Qinzhou college student job placement award", Guangxi "five-four" red flag red flag Communist Youth League for Colleges and universities, Guangxi high school advanced grass-roots party organizations, honor. She has also won the individual award for the "Outstanding Worldwide Chinese Entrepreneurs" and "The Chinese Businessman's Charity Star" honor.

Chairman Hou Zhenmei efforts reflect the enterprising, unremitting and self-reliance, that embodies the spirit of struggle in, contributing nobly to society. She is the contemporary youth's success model, a real example for young leaders to follow.

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