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Qinzhou Youth Forum discuss liberation of thought for the young

The morning of April 12th, a group of students from Qinzhou city held a discussion activity organized by the Qinzhou Youth Forum to carry out "Ideological emancipatory ideas and innovation first for Qinzhou city". This quickly set off a new round of thoughts carrying forward the notions of " hard work, strong integration and win-win situations to capture the spirit of the new period in Qinzhou. Twenty of our college students participated in the conference league.

The discussion activity and forum discussions were in the form of papers, written speeches, and other interactive forms of communication etc. Youth representatives from all walks of life, contributed divergent thinking, clashed on points of view, and polished sparks of thought.

The second half of the forum focused on how young people should have the spirit of great love, cultivating integrity quality, cultivate self-reliance will, dare to emancipate the mind, action image shaping. By participating in this forum the students gave deep emancipatory thought is not an empty slogan, but to fulfil their specific action, teachers and students have said, one must study diligently, always learning, life-long learning, to learn, to use the time to rest, use the job, cogent do work of learning two no mistake. Two we must have the courage to practice. To firmly establish the "action-oriented, expensive in fulfil " concept, we must learn to combine with the action. Three we must have the courage to change. We are in the process of work, will be exposed to all kinds of problems, faced with various tests, through learning, summed up seriously, proactive work or learning problems, changing the style of work or change the learning method, to improve their learning performance or efficiency.

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