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City leaders arrive at our college to salute teachers' Day

The twenty-seventh teacher's Day arrived on the afternoon of September 8th, and as the city's education and teachers care is highly valued the municipal CPPCC Chairman Lu and the city Bureau of Education party group leader Lung Chi visited our school to bestow their best regards to teacher and the whole staff for this holiday period.

CPPCC Chairman Lu and ( left), the city Bureau of education   Party group leader lung chi (right two ) arrive to pay their regards

On the fifth floor conference room, Lu had an informal discussion with outstanding teachers and school representatives underlining a detailed understanding of College development. Dean Huang Anjia introduced the situation of running school to the city leaders. He pointed out the teaching achievements had been fully affirmed, due to the hard work done by the teachers and expressed his heartfelt thanks. He stressed that Talent international College had not been running for very long, but in the campus and the construction of the faculty had led to scientific research and had made some achievements, He hoped Talent International College teachers would continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication, inheriting a fine tradition and put their advantages and strengths to constantly improve college 's visibility and reputation.

Lu emphasised that education is a great career a choice and the city would continue to strengthen the construction of a team of teachers and strive to improve the teaching quality to further promote the high-class brand of education started in Qinzhou.

He hoped that the vast number of teachers and educators should conscientiously implement the party 's education policy, dedication, hard work when teaching and educating. This he stressed would help the development of the education model of the city and and make contributions to Qinzhou's economic and social development in cultivating a more skilled workforce.

At the meeting Secretary Long chi encouraged staff to work in solidarity preserving the three-step plan of the government to upgrade the status of Talent International College Guangxi to an international first-class university.



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