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The philosophy of Talent International College gains international recognition from experts.

In our college we have been running the spirit of " morals in technology businesses" a tenet of system management focusing on how teachers teach their majors, and  international cooperation research with other educational Institutions. The characteristics of our college have gradually gained recognition from all sectors of society at home and abroad.

Recently a new book by the world famous Eric G. Flamholtz and professor Yvonne Randle entitled - CORPORATE CULTURE: THE, the new" ULTIMATE STRATEGIC ASSET" The book gives a special presentation and highlights the characteristics of how our college has been run and the success since first opening its doors to students.


President Hou Zhenmei chairman and Professor Eric

The book " Corporate culture : the ultimate strategic asset"

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CORPORATE CULTURE: THE ULTIMATE STRATEGIC ASSET" corporate culture : the ultimate strategic asset" Description: this book through the real examples help us understand how to manage enterprise culture and to establish a sustainable competitive advantage, not only in the assessment of enterprise culture, but to actively manage that culture in order to improve performance and developed an efficient system respectively. On the success and failure of examples from business research. The book provides company professionals with a step-by-step methods and practical advice to learn how to strengthen enterprise culture increase employee productivity and accelerate enterprise development.

Author brief introduction:

Eric G. Flamholtz, University of California at Los Angeles's Anderson School of business ( Business Administration Education ranked first in the world )

Eric Flamholtz is a professor and a famous global human resource accounting master, at the same time he was on the New York Stock Exchange listing Corporation 's board of directors, responsible for the company strategic plans and salary systems. He succeeded with Starbucks and achieved in five years a turnover that grew from $175000000 to $2000000000 with an increase of 1886 shops.

Professor Eric has worked with one of the United States largest real estate developers named Paldi, as a strategy and human resources consultant for the last 17 years. He is currently working with "lining Xugong Group" a major Chinese retailer, on a leadership development program.

Yvonne Randle, is the vice president of a system management consulting company. She graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles's Anderson School of management business management. She works with Eric Flamholtz on a regular basis.



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