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Agreement signed by Talent International College for work-study training base with China Telecom's human resources department

On the morning of September 22nd, Talent International College Guangxi signed an agreement for a work-study program with China Telecom's human resources department. A ceremony was held in the college presided over by College president Hou Zhenmei, Dean Huang Anjia, Dean Yang Dongyou, vice president Zhang Kaibin, and China Telecom Qinzhou branch general manager Chen Jianyi. Also in attendance were the leaders of relevant departments and student representatives. Hou Zhenmei and Chen Jianyi represented both sides accordingly and signed the agreement for the opening of the work-study base.

This agreement is another good example of how Talent International is committed to improving the prospects of employment for student's at the college and marks a step in the right direction for college development.



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