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Qinzhou city government plans educational reforms to upgrade colleges and universities to ensure supply of talent to the Beibu gulf region

Qinzhou city plans to implement the" the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region medium and long-term educational reform and development program (2010 - 2020)" There is executive opinion to be presented in support of Talent International College Guangxi to become an International occupational university.

Proposal A

To improve the conditions of colleges and their campus faculty extensions in the costal regions of Guangxi. The improvement of higher education levels, at Qinzhou University, founded on the basis of a new Beibu Gulf University to strive to upgrade Talent International College Guangxi into an international Career Academy to meet the demand for talents due to the success of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Expand the scale of higher education, by the introduction of 2,3 more colleges and universities in Qinzhou science and technology park. focus on the construction of Beibu Gulf marine, Strengthen the University Science and technology achievement transformation, promotion of university social service function. Activly cooperate with ASEAN countries including Hong Kong and Macao regions promoting educational exchanges and cooperation.

Proposal: two

The implementation of higher education quality promotion project strengthening connotation construction, ensure the Qinzhou University 2012 passed the Ministry of education of undergraduate teaching assessment to ensure that the Guangxi international Career Academy passed the college teaching quality evaluation. Carry out Qinzhou University Beibu Gulf marine protection and development and utilization of laboratories. Establish a Beibu Gulf Research Center, Beibu Gulf marine research and Education Centre. Construction of a scientific research platform to create a provincial key laboratory. Actively promote the Qinzhou University, University of North Bay, support for Talent International collegef Guangxi as an international occupational university. implement a new leap forward of higher education for the city. Implement a plan to solve the need for a higher degree or professional teachers and solve shortage problems.


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