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"Canteen standardization assessment team visits the campus for inspection

On the afternoon of November 8th the Guangxi department of food health and safety sent a standardized canteens assessment team of four officials to the college area for  universities and colleges participating in the new standardization of canteens for schools.

The evaluation group group our college cafeteria, locker rooms, washing and cutting room, warehouse, and storage register account of ingredients. They inspected the preparation and cooking and looked at large cold storage rooms. They went on to inspect the boiler room, library, food pantry, and conducted detailed examinations. In the course of the examination the evaluation group of experts paid meticulous attention to the college cafeteria hygiene and equipment giving praise for the effort and organization the management and staff had done to maintain health and hygiene standards. The assessment group gave suggestions for further improvement and the management responsible for the canteen said it would act accordingly with the experts' opinion and proposals on a serious basis, rectifying any problems, so teachers and students would enjoy a safe and comfortable dining environment.

The college canteen evaluation standardization promotes the school food safety and quality awareness to rise further and increase of food safety supervision. 



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