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College holds end of academic year of 2010 - 2011 faculty conference

To promote a healthy atmosphere and set an example of good working relations. On the afternoon of November 10th, the college held a staff congress in the laboratory building 502 multimedia classrooms. The party secretary of Longchi, Dean Huang Anjia, Dean Yang Dongyou, vice president Zhang Kaibin and other leading comrades attended and chaired. More than 300 staff participated in the general assembly. Vice President Zhang Kaibin presided over the conference.

At the meeting, Zhang Kaibin subsequent invited the leadership to commend all departments and individual for their work and efforts throught the academic year.

The party secretary of Long Chi delivered an important speech. He said in the 2010-2011 academic all staff had worked very hard and and had contributed greatly to the success of the college, This included good management, norms, scientific development for the year, He summarized many aspects of the work undertaken in 2010-2011 such as preparation for our college education basic condition assessment verification. He said, that the basic conditions for running a school was through college development and  assessment verification is a milepost, which has important significance.

He mentioned that this result reflects our staff of solidarity, and fighting spirit. He mentioned that Chinese people have the ability to be called upon at any instant, to fight and overcome problems and challenges, and this kind of spirit would give the College a bright future.

The establishment of firmer and fairer rules and regulations needed to be implemented, especially the reward and punishment system preliminary underway.

Improvement in our college logistics and security work. Better training of Security staff with the right mental approach to the job comprehensive management regulations improvement, and improve social evaluation.

college teaching was a team strength, with a number of outstanding students, a number of high academic qualifications, titles of middle-level cadres in our hospital for the college added, develop infuse vigor, vitality.

He rounded off the speech by asking all the staff to continue to work well together, be of one heart and one mind, initiative and hard working to ensure that our college education assessment is passed. further to this all the staff efforts, did a good job in 2012 enrolling work, ensuring next year enrollment task was completed.


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