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The fifth "Ying Cup" Debate Competition finals completed

On December 13, 2011 sponserred by the Institute our college  students hosted the fifth session of the " Ying Cup" debate contest college team finals, held in the laboratory building 501 multimedia classrooms. College Youth League Secretary Zhang Yanyan Zhang Jun Dean, business school, School of Yu source vice president, two faculty members and more than 100 students watched the debates.

The debate was concerning the generation gap between parents and children and who does the responsibility lie with to stop children from being escapists and apathetic into becoming visionaries and motivated the parents or the children themselves. This debate final was between the Department of tourism management and the Department of Art and Engineering.

The competition was intense and unceasing. Finally, the Department of Art and Engineering with an outstanding performance won the debate with the Department of Tourism management Team  as Championship runner-up. The debates had lasted over a period of 2 weeks and in the end the best debaters had finally taken the top spot. Afterwards, the awards ceremony took place attended by leading guests, judges to hand out prizes to winning students.

Guangxi international Career Academy" Ying Cup" debate in our hospital is a brand of campus culture activities. The debate team and three new academy team 2 entries, from November this year since the start of 16, a total of 8 teams to prepare for war actively, launched nearly twenty battle in campus, have set off an upsurge in debating.

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