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Evaluation of Talent International College by Guangxi region Higher vocational evaluation group of experts

From December 27th to December 30th, the autonomous region Higher Vocational Colleges evaluation group of experts attended our college to evaluate how students are educated. On the morning of December 27th, my manageriel staff were assembled in the assembly room of administration building 5 to hold a meeting about the cultivation of talent in Higher Vocational education.

The expert group comprised of the autonomous region's deputy inspector of higher education Lu Yan, Qinzhou municipal Party committee, information Department, deputy mayor Xu Gui, Municipal Education Office of Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Office Deputy Director Feng Yingfu, Guangxi higher vocational colleges evaluation experts committee chairman Professor Zuo Changhong, vice president of Guangxi International Business Vocational College professor Li Hongmi, deputy manager of Qinzhou nixing pottery company Long Shaorong engineer, Guangxi Vocational and Technical College researcher Professor Tan Hongbin, Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications research director Professor Peng Zhaohui, vice president of Guangxi Institute of Industry Technology professor Han Zhigang, Guangxi and Career Technical College Dean, Professor Wei Shengqiang, Guangxi International Business Vocational College professor Zhou Longjun, Dean's office,  Guangxi Institute of Education Administration Office Deputy Director Jiang Hongxing associate professor, Talent International college chairman Hou Zhenmei, Dean Huang Anjia, executive director, Zhang Kaibin and vice secretary of Party committee, as well as College section-level managers and teachers attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by lung Chi.

President Hou Zhenmei made a speech on the meeting, she first represented our Institute to the Department of education leaders and experts concerning our college talent cultivation evaluation activities and expressed her warm welcome and sincere thanks, and invited the expert group of experts into our institution.

She points out that this evaluation would help the institution discover any problems, reveal inadequacies, improve the level of education and teaching and promote development. She went on to say, that the college will take the evaluation as a turning point, according to expert opinions and proposals, make plans, take measures, and seriously rectify and make necessary reforms to improve teaching quality and academic the level, promoting sound and rapid development.

Minister of the Information Department, deputy mayor Xu Gui then delivered a speech, he introduced the municipal Party committee, and spoke on the priority of education development strategy, vigorously supporting the vocational education situation. Especially in recent years the municipal Party committee of Talemt International College has attached great importance to the construction and development of the Academy. He said, Talent international college since its inception, has had to adapt to the development of the environment of Qinzhou, and to supply the local talents that Qinzhou needs

He went on to say how Talent International college have done very well to train a large number of talents with high skills, on the sustainable basis. He hoped, the institution would regard the assessment as a chance to deepen the teaching reform, improve the education quality, further enhancing the independent innovation ability and consciousness, leading to better training of personnel.

Guangxi higher vocational colleges evaluation experts committee chairman, evaluation of group leader of the group of experts Professor Zuo Changhong said in his speech, that the evaluation will be in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of education, and the evaluation would be carried out meticulously to strive for the successful completion of assessment tasks as an essence of development to provide advice and help.

Finally, Huang Anjia the dean of the college gave a self assessment report. He touched on how the college cultivated the students and to what effect it played etc. He mentioned about the existing problems and which rectification measures would be introduced. After the meeting, the experts are to be on campus for three days, listening to reports, field investigation, consulting assessment information, carrying out in-depth interviews, listening to teachers and other activities carried out a comprehensive evaluation.


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