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 Chinese "lark" sings "China new song"
Talent International College student wins top prize in the region's first through the Guangxi Division Star mentor team".



Liu Bangli taking part in the audition

In Qinzhou on the 9/10 April, "China new song" Guangxi division "online popularity contest ended, Qinzhou division was sent by Guangxi Yinghua international a student by the name of Liu Bangli who got praise online by 150000 likes resulting in being ranked first in the Guangxi region.
"I did not really expect such a good result, which all the teachers had encouraged me by saying I could win it." Liu Bangli is from Guizhou province in Pingtang County, a freshman from 2016 currently studying at the Career Academy Guangxi Yinghua International. Her major is Professional Preschool education, she said it was her biggest surprise made of the year, but the result is attributed to her school and teachers.

Liu Bangli is an active member in his studies

"We hired Peking University professor Zhou Xiaoli the famous dramatist, to enable students to enhance the quality of the education at a faster pace." Anglo Chinese college chairman Hou Zhenmei told reporters, although the 2016 level of preschool education majors recruited 11 classes, we try to ensure that students are sent out into the society with the excellent skills of music, art, and teaching, which has been a constant pursuit at the college.
Since Liu Bangli entered into the major of preschool professional learning last year, she has had continuous exposure to "vocal music", "Piano", "dance" and other professional courses. Coming from Guizhou Buyi area she began her singing at numerous talent shows, This raised the attention of many school counselors.

Liu Bangli for vocal training

"Her voice is very special, in our work we pay special attention to encourage her vocalism scientifically. This tournament give her a chance to get first hand experience to grow in major competitions." College counselor He Fengzhu told reporters, the school has different students, they will be in accordance with their aptitude, let them develop, enhance confidence in their own best direction, and to prepare for the society.

College counselor Guan Jian said, although the students are of adult age, in the face of competitions such as "China new song" the national event, through the audition, audition, semi-finals, semi-finals and other aspects, the teacher's encouragement is very important.

Qinzhou division player Liu Bangli  participated in the talent competition along with 151882 players. The number of points she earned propelled Guangxi into first place and division champion from online popularity. (Huang Dingqin, Zhou Shunbin).

News input: NYK editor: Michael

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