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International Cooperation - UK 

We are please to announce that our College has established an excellent cooperation in the UK by signing agreements with two well established educational institutes. Bath Spa University is a prestigious and famous University in the UK and we are absolutely delighted and honored to have sealed a long term cooperation with this institution with regards to sending our students there to study in England to complete their bachelor degrees.

Leading University and Institute 

Bath Spa has a long history of quality in teaching with excellent results. We cherish this cooperation partner as one of our finest and we continue to promote this cooperation to our students who wish to take a high level education abroad and greatly improve their chances of a successful careers after graduation there.

The other cooperation partner in the UK is the Design orientated Interactive Design Institute. This modern and well organized institution offers online degrees in association with a leading UK university, for students who wish to study creative and modern design programs from a UK perspective. The institute offers English language training at differing levels to help foreign students  overcome any difficulties with their study, so they are able to complete their design degrees and become good designers. We are delighted to be cooperating with the Interactive Design Institute and look forward to this institute providing a bright future for our design students
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