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International Cooperation - Spain 

Talent International College has been running successful Spanish major diploma courses for a number of yeas with a large number of students. Due to the overwhelming success and interest for this major with have further enhanced this field of study by securing a cooperation with Rey Juan Carlos a leading Spanish University in Madrid. This cooperation will give the Spanish majors more opportunities to take Bachelor degrees in Spain and get real live experience in abroad. Talent International College is proud to be associated with this leading Spanish University and we have already sent a number of students there to complete their Bachelor degrees. The quality of Rey Juan Carlos University and the high level of teaching there is a perfect solution for Spanish Majors who want to advance their careers by studying abroad. We give advice to all students who decide to study abroad and we also help them secure the necessary documents and visas together with our cooperation partners. There are annual visits of scholarly delegations between Talent international and Rey Juan Carlos in order to  maintain good relations and further expand cooperation. We wish the students who take degrees at Universidad Juan Carlos every success!

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