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Department of Tourism Management

Japanese Language

Main Courses: Japanese, business Japanese, Japanese audio-visual, tour guide practice, Japanese spoken language, Japanese writing, Japanese-chinese translation, tourism Japanese etc.

Training Objectives: training to adapt to the social, economic and tourism industry needed for the development of morality, intelligence and physique,  overall development, have relatively solid foundation of Japanese language and strong Japanese heard that ability, the system master application Japanese professional theoretical knowledge and professional skill, and mastery of the tourism professional knowledge, familiar with tourism policy laws and regulations, has the strong business ability, can be competent for the tour guide and travel service outlets consulting, project and the other travel enterprises work of talents

Employment Opportunities: students after graduation to international travel service, can travel scenic spot, 4-star foreign hotel, golf clubs and other tourist enterprises engaged in international tour guide, exit the leader, a foreign affairs reception, foreign service, also can to Japanese enterprise engaged in secretarial administrative work, still can tourism enterprises and institutions and the relevant government departments in translation, a foreign affairs reception, foreign services as well as engaging in primary and middle level management.

Vocational qualification certificate: Tour guide business qualification certificate (Putonghua, Japanese).

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