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Department of Foreign Languages

Applied English (Pre-English Education)

Main Courses: General English, English listening and speaking, English writing, English-Chinese translation, child psychology, early childhood learning, child games, child health security tutorials, vocal, keyboard, art, dance, nursery environment design, physical education and other child care .

Training Objectives: to develop a more solid foundation and strong English language English listening, speaking, reading and writing can
Force, working to master the pre-specification, the basic theory and basic knowledge, to master the piano plate, dance, games, painting and other skilled skills, adapt to the 21st century, early childhood development needs of English education, innovative kindergarten teachers, kindergarten management workers and Children's Palace center staff and other children's activities.

Employment Opportunities: the urban and rural students after graduation to kindergarten and primary school teachers of English as a pre-school children can be made to
Nurseries engaged in conservation, education and research, administration, etc., may also serve as family child care teachers in remedial English.

Vocational qualification certificate: Kindergarten Teacher, primary and secondary Teacher, guide accreditation, Secretary of accreditation, Merchandiser card, custodian accreditation.

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