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Department of Electrical & Chemical Engineering

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance

Main Courses: automotive circuit based, machine, vehicle construction and maintenance, disassembly and adjustment of automotive, automotive electrical equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic, automotive electronic control system structure and maintenance, vehicle performance testing, automotive testing and troubleshooting, auto air conditioning, auto insurance and claims. The corresponding practical aspects are: metalworking training, car dismantling training, automotive electrical training, vehicle maintenance training structure, vehicle electronic control system maintenance training, vehicle inspection and fault diagnosis training, comprehensive training and other vehicle maintenance .

Training Objectives: employment-oriented, for the modern vehicle inspection and maintenance industry, training students to master a solid foundation of professional knowledge, outstanding students in the automotive routine maintenance, disassembly adjustment, vehicle troubleshooting, diagnostic testing and other aspects of skills training strengthen the student's comprehensive vocational ability and overall quality of training, nurture students to become engaged in vehicle maintenance, testing, and management of high-quality, highly skilled personnel.

Employment Opportunities: in the car repair business (4S shop), auto transport companies, vehicle performance testing station, car sales companies, insurance companies and other units of vehicle technology, management, sales and service, insurance claims and other departments vehicle inspection and maintenance, front desk reception, car sales and insurance, auto parts management.

Vocational qualification certificate: Intermediate level car repairman certificate, automotive marketing division (Screening), intermediate cartographers (optional test).

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