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Department of Electrical & Chemical Engineering

Mould Design & Manufacture

Main Courses: mechanical drawing and CAD, mold materials and heat treatment, Pro / E, CNC programming and operation, stamping process and die design, plastic molding and mold design, mold manufacturing technology, interchangeability and measurement technology, hydraulic transmission. The corresponding practical aspects are: metalworking training, Die curriculum design, curriculum design, plastic mold, CNC machine operator training, mold disassembly training, special processing training, comprehensive training and other molds.

Training Objectives: The combination of engineering direction for the school led to student-centered, competency-based, financial education and academic research as one of the professional qualifications, teaching theory and practice of teaching the integration of operational mechanism. Developing a "one understands two" (understand red plastic mold design, plastic mold will be red, will management) professionals.

Employment Opportunities: can be adapted to mold design, mold parts, mold parts CNC programming and machine operations, production management and quality mold testing, mold manufacturing process and tooling design post

Vocational qualification certificate: Intermediate tool fitter certificate, Intermediate certificate processing center operator (selection test), Intermediate Draughtsman (optional test).

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