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Pulp & Paper Technology

Main Courses: Introduction to the pulp and paper plant design, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical plant fiber, pulp and technology, paper technology, Chemical Engineering, papermaking chemicals, environmental protection, chemical instrumentation automation, pulp made paper, equipment installation and maintenance. The corresponding practical aspects are: metalworking training, curriculum design, Chemical Engineering, Pulp & Paper Process Synthesis experiments, light chemical analysis and testing, professional understanding of pulp and paper training.

Training Objectives: always demand for the direction of the paper industry, pulp and paper technology training to master the professional knowledge and skills, with good quality of professional ethics and integrity, has engaged in the pulp and paper process, pulp and paper equipment, pulp made paper, analysis and testing, and familiar technologies and high-tech electromechanical control in paper machine applications, there is a strong practical ability to master the conventional pulp and paper process, analysis techniques and equipment are familiar with the operation of the new technology of modern pulp and paper high-quality skilled personnel.

Employment Opportunities: the relevant departments for the pulp and paper, pulp and paper and medium-sized enterprises engaged in production operations, quality control, product testing, process design, technological innovation, production management and new product development, research and analysis and testing of raw materials, chemical product procurement and product sales and so on.

Vocational qualification certificate: Chemical analysis of industrial intermediate certificate, fitter Intermediate Certificate (Screening), paper work Intermediate Certificate (optional test).

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