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Department of Business Studies

★Secretarial (Business Secretary)

Main course: culture, introduction of modern Chinese, secretary study, the secretary linguistics, secretary writing, secretary practice, business regulations, archives management, office automation, public relations, advertising, administrative management, social etiquette and cultural, business negotiations, commercial psychology, etc. Develops a target: education has the solid foundation of knowledge, strong secretary of the Chinese and English ability, grasp modern public relations of the basic knowledge, skills, and computer operation and the modern office equipment applications, have the personnel communication and coordination ability, grasps the economy, industry and commerce administration and administrative management and related knowledge, in a business environment that can be independent flexible using of professional knowledge in business activities of practical talents. Secretary work Obtain

employment direction: in government, enterprises and institutions, news, literature and art, publishing sectors as office management, secretary, public relation planning, business management, news, propaganda, etc. Work concludes

Qualification certificate: national secretary professional qualification certificate (level 4).


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