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Department of Business Studies

★International Business (Business Marketing direction)

Main course: economic mathematics, economics, computer application foundation, economic law, introduction of basic accounting, financial management, statistics, management, marketing, marketing planning, market research and predicting and electronic business affairs and the network marketing, retail management, logistics management, business etiquette, business negotiations and the sales techniques, consumer behavior, etc.

Develops a target: education has the good thought moral quality, professional ethics, team spirit and spirit of innovation, and master the practical ability of English, computer skills, and other aspects of the basic theory and knowledge, have skill with commodity sale, market research and prediction, business negotiation, marketing and planning professional core abilities and skills as well as the electronic commerce application, trade documents business, marketing management, and other areas of high quality applied talents.

Employment direction: in the enterprise engaged in the research of market and planning, marketing, management and consulting service, e-commerce, foreign trade, marketing management, and other related work.

Qualification certificate: intermediate salesman occupational qualification certificates.

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